We always have a large range of good quality used equipment in stock.

Where appropriate the equipment is brought back to the original makers specs, if possible using original parts.

We always try to source equipment that is in excellent condition and does not need refurbishment, but unfortunately that stuff is getting harder to come by as collectors and investors realise the future value of these pieces.

All amplifiers are PAT tested before they are offered for sale, to give both us and the customer peace of mind (customers who are electrocuted often won't return for another purchase!)

Ampguy is run by enthusiastic musicians who appreciate quality gear, we play in bands and we know what you want!

Here's a selection of what we have on offer at this time, in no particular order ................ if there's something that you are looking for that's not shown please feel free to either phone or email Steve Ayers (sales) as we may have one that's not yet listed. If you need further information or would like to book an appointment to try something, again contact Steve on 01603418419.

And check back often!


Marshall JMP 50 (1986) head from 1968, previously owned by Keith Cross of UK prog rock band T2 this head sounds beautiful. with matching Marshall 1960A 4 X 12 Cab (built in 1969) POA

Selmer SV100 PA head, fantastic guitar or bass head, in super condition. £425

Selmer 4 X 12 PA columns (unloaded) We have T1122 speakers available. £100 the pair.

Simms-Watts 200Watt valve PA head (Batman logo model) Excellent original condition. Great for Guitar and Bass. Only £425 See below

Fender Twin reverb 1976 in great condition. £825

Marshall 2203 100W head, very early 1976 model. Plexi style case. £950

Vox AC 15 TV front, 1958/59 very, very rare and sought after. All original except for lower back panel. Price on application.

Double click a picture for a larger view (where available)


Squire SP 10

Almost new


Impact by Status 60 W head

built by Sound City very similar to HiWatt.

Great sounding amp

Only £345

 Impact by Status 120 W head

built by Sound City very similar to HiWatt.

Great sounding amp

Only £395 


PA 200 All valve head, great for guitar and bass. KT88 output valves. Sounds awesome.

Only £425



PA and Loudspeakers

Carlsbro GRX7 PA Head

7 channels (1 for CD) 300Watts


Great condition


See below for loudspeakers that can work with this P.A.

Selmer SV100 PA head and unloaded TV 60 4 x 12 columns.

Great Guitar or Bass amp.



2 X 12 Speaker Cabinet

Unknown make - possibly Laney

We have a pair of these, fitted with McKenzie loudspeakers. Both are superb condition, although one has a small tear in the fretcloth that can easily be repaired.

£195 for the Pair

Full range HH P.A.

15" + horn

1 pair


1 x pair of unknown

2 x 12

P.A. Speakers

Excellent sound

Great condition